Forever Young Daycare
"Where the heart of the child stays forever young!"
A glimse of our house
Our nearly finished cubbies for each child's belongings!
Our Kitchen! The false window allows me to keep an eye on the kids in playroom as I am preparing meals and snacks!
The Block Area!
Circle Time !
The Home Center is ready for kids!
You can see the shelf with Puzzles and Games. The Table is used for meal times and preschool activities.  You can see my desk in the back as well.
One Side of our Play Room!
Each Child has their own shelves for Napping!
Kids enjoying the Block Area
Babies working on sharing even at a young age of 5 months!
All Children participate in Circle Time! Here we are reading a story
We do many fun art projects!
The kids often help with cooking projects or snacks!
Every Friday it is... FUN FINGER FOOD FRIDAY! The kids love it!
A child enjoying some painting!
A literacy art project!
On Wednesday we do handwriting for our letter of the week.
We love songs and dancing at Circle Time!
The kids working on their order and seriation skills!
Dr. Seuss Pajama Party Day!
Cascade Elite Gymnastics comes in twice a month for classes!
Making a Snowman out of Cupcake Liners with the letters of our Name!
2nd Annual Easter Egg Hunt!
Going on a Spider Web Hunt!
Sand Table Fun!
Scooping out Pumpkin Guts!
Working together on a large floor puzzle!
St. Patrick's Day Painting Fun!
So much fun digging in our sand boat with friends!